Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of commonly asked questions and their answers. If you find that we have not answered your question here, please feel free to Contact Us.

General Questions

What day is the ride?

The 2017 Tour de Rocklin will be held on Saturday, September 30th.

What time does it start?

The Tour de Rocklin has a rolling window of check-in times based on the route you have selected to ride. The goal is to have everyone back around mid-day for the BBQ lunch. The 100K ride has check-in from 7:00am – 8:00am. The 40 mile ride from 8:00am – 9:00am. The 20 mile ride from 9:00am – 10:00am. The Family Ride from 10:30am – 11:00am. Riders may depart once they have checked in, signed their waiver form, and received their ride wristband (required for rest stops and support). Be sure to give yourself enough time based your estimated pace. Rest stops have limited hours, so be sure to start early enough. Lunch will be served between 11am and 2pm.

Where does the ride start and finish?

The Tour de Rocklin starts and finishes at the Johnson-Springview Park, located at 5480 5th Street in Rocklin. The closest freeway exit is the Rocklin Road exit of I-80.

What do I need to bring with me?

Each rider must have a helmet to check-in and start the ride. Riders should also carry water bottles appropriate to the route distance they have chosen (refilling at rest stops). Rest stops will provide food, but riders may wish to carry extra. Riders for the 20, 40 and 100K should bring a spare tube with them. SAG teams will carry tools and pumps, but due to cost we cannot provide free tubes (a limited number of tubes may be for sale at start/finish and from SAG at our cost).

Is this a race? Is it timed?

No. The Tour de Rocklin is not a timed race, rather it’s a casual cycling event for charity while promoting fitness and a sense of community. Riders may depart any time during the check-in window for their particular route. Riders wishing to know times should bring their own timing device. Setting time goals and riding fast is perfectly fine, we just ask that riders observe common sense with regard to their safety and obey traffic laws.

Do you have to live in Rocklin to ride?

Absolutely Not!  We have riders from all over the greater Sacramento area, people from Tahoe and even riders from out of state!  We welcome any rider or any age — just be sure to bring your helmet!

Will there be T-Shirts / Jerseys?

We will be including T-shirts and tech shirts in the cost of registration for the 2016 ride! T-shirts will be quality cotton, preshrunk shirts with the Tour de Rocklin logo on the front and our sponsors on the back. Tech shirts will be a lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking material with the same design.

The 20 mile ride includes the cotton T-shirt, while the 40 mile and 100K rides include a tech shirt. Sorry, to keep costs down the Family Ride does not include a shirt, but one can be purchased separately.

Extra shirts are available for purchase during registration (online or by mail) or can be purchased the day of the event (while supplies last).

We will not be offering cycling jerseys.

Registration / Check-In

Can I pickup the Registration Packet for a friend/family member?

Yes.  If you registered/paid for that friend yourself, then you do not need to do anything extra.

If they registered themselves, then have them forward their registration confirmation email to along with a note that includes your name and permission to pickup their packet.

How do I register?

You can register online with a credit card, or download and print our rider registration form to submit by mail with a check (or pay cash on the day of the ride). Note, that after September 23, 2017, all rider fees rise by $5 (this fee also applies to same day registration). For full details, visit our Registration page.

How much does the ride cost?

The Tour de Rocklin has three routes, each with a different price.  There are three registration periods that have varying rates: Early, Regular and Late Registration.

Distance Early Registration
(Until Aug 15)
Regular Registration
(Until Sep 23)
Late Registration
(After Sep 23)
Family Ride $12.00 $15.00 $15.00
20 Mile $25.00 $30.00 $35.00
40 Mile $35.00 $40.00 $45.00
Metric Century $45.00 $50.00 $55.00

The rider fee includes route sheets, fully stocked rest stops, SAG support and a catered BBQ lunch at the finish.  Non-riders may purchase a lunch for $10 the day of the event.

Can I get a refund?

The Tour de Rocklin is a “rain or shine” event, meaning it will go on regardless of weather conditions. Refunds are not available.

What’s with the wristband?

All registered riders will receive a colored Tour de Rocklin wristband at check-in. It is important to wear your wristband during the ride and after the finish. This band will entitle you to use of the rest stops and SAG support out on your route. Once you have finished, the band serves as your lunch ticket.

Do I have to pay for my child in a trailer or ride-along?

Children not on their own, separate bike do not need to be registered riders. However, if a child wishes to have their own lunch, then parents will need to purchase a separate lunch for that child.

In addition, as required by California law, all children — even those in enclosed trailers — MUST wear a helmet at all times. No exceptions!

Can I register the morning of the ride?

Yes, we are accepting same-day registrations. However, the late registration fee will apply. Cash or check only for same-day registrations!


How far is the ride?

The Tour de Rocklin offers four distinct routes. There is a short Family ride hosted by the City of Rocklin Park & Rec Department. Information on this ride will be available soon.

The short route is a 20 mile loop (actually about 21 miles) with about 925 feet of vertical gain. It goes out to Trailhead Coffee & Bikes as its rest stop and then returns.

The intermediate route is 40 miles with 2,400 feet of vertical gain. It goes through Rocklin, Lincoln, Penryn and Granite Bay.

The longest ride is a Metric Century (100K – 63 miles), which takes riders through Rocklin and Lincoln, through Penryn, up toward Newcastle and then down into Granite Bay. It has approximately 3,500 of vertical gain.

Are the routes marked?

Yes. In addition to a printed route sheet that you will receive at check-in, each route is marked with a specific color. We use brightly-colored Route Arrows to guide you along the way. You will find arrows at each turn and any point that may be confusing. These arrows are easy to see, yet quickly dissolve in days and are safe for the environment.

Where are the rest stops?

The 20, 40 and 100K routes have staffed rest stops along the way. Each rest stop will offer snacks, water, electrolyte fluid, and restrooms. The Family Ride will have a water station at the midway point.

The 20 Mile ride has one rest stop in Penryn at the new location of Beach Hut Deli (formally Trailhead Coffee & Bikes) — at mile 12.

The 40 Mile and 100K rides share the same first rest stop at Beach Hut Deli in Penryn at mile 20. From there the routes diverge. The 40 Mile ride returns to Penryn a second time at mile 32. The 100K has it’s second rest stop at the South Placer Fire Station on Auburn-Folsom at Mile 36.5 and then continues back to Penryn for the third stop at mile 54.

Are the routes the same as last time?

No. We have changed the 40 mi and 100K routes a bit. The Family Ride and 20mi have remained the same. We would encourage you to review the route options and select the route that will be most enjoyable for you.

What food & drink is available at the rest stops?

The exact items has not yet been determined, but we will offer a variety of food items at each stop (fruit, carbs, snacks, etc). Each stop will also have cold water and an electrolyte drink.  Riders are expected to carry water bottles with them to fill at the stops.  Cups will not be provided.


When will lunch be served?

Lunch will be served from 11am until about 2pm, though we will keep the BBQ going if it’s clear there are still plenty of riders on the course.

What is being served for lunch?

We will be offering a catered lunch. The menu is TBD and will be announced as soon as it is finalized.

Are there lunch tickets?

For riders, your wristband will serve as your lunch ticket, so do not remove it at the finish! A volunteer will cut it off when you enter the lunch area. For non-rider lunches, you may purchase a lunch for $10 directly from the lunch caterer.

Vendor Faire

How long will the Vendor Faire last?

The Vendor Faire will be open from 11am until 3pm. Setup for vendors is at 10am.

Can anyone come to the Faire?

Yes! The Vendor Faire is open to anyone and everyone, riders and community members alike. Come down and check out all of the great products and services.


Do you need volunteers?

Yes! This event depends on a crew of volunteers to make it happen. If you wish to help us, please fill out our Contact Form. If you have a specific position in mind, tell us; otherwise we have a ton of positions we can assign you.

Can I get Community Service credit for volunteering?

Yes! Whether you need community service hours for school, church or other organization, volunteering at the Tour de Rocklin is a great way to fulfill those requirements. We have positions available from 6am until 3pm, and you may work as much or as little as you have time for (though your individual school or organization may have it’s own daily minimum or maximum hours).

Can I still volunteer even if I am busy on race day?

Yes! For those that have other plans on race day, we can still use your help. There are tons of tasks to complete prior to the day of the race. These include contacting vendors and sponsors, setup of the start/finish, setup of the routes, and publicity (getting flyers distributed to local businesses, etc). Please contact us for options!

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